White House Wednesday | Behind the Stanchions | What is That?

By Bryce VanStavern
White House Specialist

As visitors go through the White House of the Confederacy, one of their most common questions is, “What is that?” There are many items in the house, unique to the 19th century, the purpose of which is initially…illusive. There are three objects in particular that we will most certainly be asked about on almost every tour. If you have ever wondered which are the most asked about objects in the house, read on.

White House Wednesday | Ordnance Prototypes

By Robert Hancock
Senior Curator and Director of Collections

Today we might call President Jefferson Davis a micro-manager. He took interest in a variety of aspects in the running of the war which probably could have been left to subordinates. On the mantel of his home office we find two prototype artillery projectiles. These wooden models (the actual projectiles were made of iron) were the type that served as patterns in the government’s Patent Office.

White House Wednesday | Hall Chair with Special Compartment

By Robert Hancock
Senior Curator and Director of Collections

These elaborately carved hall chairs can be seen in the entrance hall of the White House. The seat of the chair is hinged and lifts up to reveal a shallow compartment sufficient to hold a pair of gloves or sheaf of papers; any small items a visitor might not wish to carry through the house. 


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