Military History

July 2016 Artifact of the Month | The Spoils of War, 155 Years Later

By Jodi Frederiksen
Collections Manager

The Battle of First Manassas, fought on July 21, 1861, was the first major battle of the Civil War.  Many of the experiences of soldiers on that day are lost to history.  However, when Major Robert Harris donated these field glasses to the museum in 1893, he wrote of his experience:

April 2d 1893

Fort McRee, Pensacola Harbor

On This Day in History | Friday the 13th in the Civil War

By Leo Rohr
Marketing Manager

Whether you subscribe to superstition or not, Friday the 13th has entered our popular culture as a harbinger of bad luck (and bad movies). Eight Fridays fell on the 13th during the American Civil War. Some saw major battles, others mere skirmishes. But were these days host to specific instances of bad luck? Anyone who was wounded in the fighting or who lost a loved one might have thought so. See for yourself as we recap each day. (follow the links to learn more about that day's events or see related artifacts from our collection)

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