Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas


If you are in need of a last minute Father's Day gift, or some unique treasures for yourself, look no further than our Museum shops. Each one features locally made goods, original ACWM apparel items, and plenty of books and collectibles for the history buff.

Visitor Engagement Supervisor Danielle Dunmoodie says that dads love our General beards t-shirts, locally made coffee and honey (which you can combine in your Tredegar "Heavy Metal" mug), and the travel poster-themed items featuring scenes from the nearby James River Park System. 

White House Wednesday: Behind the Stanchions | The Kissing Ball


By Bryce VanStavern
Interpretation Supervisor

I suspect most of our visitors don’t know it’s there. It isn’t easy to see. It’s in a bit of a dark recess over their heads. But if you’ve ever wanted to steal a kiss in the White House of the Confederacy, Christmas season is your chance. Hanging in the doorway between the Central and Western Parlors is a Kissing Ball.

A Kissing Ball is a sphere of greenery with a bit of mistletoe affixed to the bottom. A red bow makes this a perfect Christmas decoration.

White House Wednesday: Behind the Stanchions | Seasonal Changes

By Bryce VanStavern
Interpretation Supervisor

“Summer Dress is down.” As the Interpretation Supervisor for the American Civil War Museum, I got to post that recently for our interpretive staff in the White House of the Confederacy. What this means is that all of the things that are altered in the house for summer (slip covers on furniture, mosquito bar over beds) have been taken down and our interpreters need to eliminate summer dress from their tours. I like to give them a heads up when things like this happen.

June 2016 Document of the Month | Appeal of the Oakwood Ladies Memorial Association

By John Coski

In the spring of 1866, after the U.S. Government began organizing a system of national cemeteries to preserve and maintain the graves of United States soldiers, communities throughout the South mobilized to care for the graves of the Confederate dead. In May 1866, many of those communities designated special days to decorate those graves.


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