Southern Ambitions

An Update from the Mellon Team: Prototyping Southern Ambitions

Ana Edwards is a member of the Southern Ambitions Mellon project and a part of our Visitor Engagement staff. 

“You snooze, you lose.” A wealthy nineteenth century merchant in India expresses his satisfaction with England’s rapid investment in the cotton trade that emerged, in part, because the Confederacy overplayed its hand in the early days of the American Civil War.

Meet the RVA Global Tour

Cadence Wilmoth is a graduate student in Museum Studies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and served as an intern at the museum this summer.

In my 160 hours as an American Civil War Museum intern this summer, I had opportunities to work on an innovative project based learning lesson plan and to visit and critique some of the best museum exhibitions in the Southeast. But I did nothing so intriguing as prototyping the RVA Global Tour.

Now, you might be wondering what that means.

So did we.

Meet Southern Ambitions: War For the Future

By Christopher Graham
Mellon Guest Curator 

To further the American Civil War Museum’s mission to explore the Civil War from multiple perspectives, the Andrew W. Mellon team is traveling around the world! Our second Mellon project uses a Confederate story to explore the global stakes of the American Civil War. I would like to introduce you to Southern Ambitions: War For the Future.

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