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CSS Shenandoah Flag Displayed on 150th Anniversary of Its Final Lowering

By Leo Rohr
American Civil War Museum Marketing Manager

On November 6, 2015, the Museum displayed one of our more well-traveled artifacts. This date marked the 150th anniversary of the CSS Shenandoah’s surrender at Liverpool and the final lowering of its flag. The Shenandoah circumnavigated the globe on its mission to disrupt U.S. naval commerce, most specifically the North Pacific whaling fleet. The flag is rarely displayed due to its size (roughly 7 feet x 12 feet), but the opportunity to commemorate one of the final anniversaries of the sesquicentennial was too good to miss. You can see some photos of the displays below. 

The commemoration actually began with the unveiling of our November Artifact and Documents of the Month, all related to the Shenandoah. While the artifact, a Japanese work box, is on display in the lobby of our White House and Museum of the Confederacy location throughout the month of November, the documents and other artifacts from the Shenandoah were only displayed on the 6th. One final chance to participate in the Museum’s Shenandoah events comes on Friday, November 20th, with our Brown Bag Lunch Talk led by Sam Craghead.