Introducing "Off The Beaten Path"

By Leo Rohr
Marketing Manager

When many people think of the American Civil War they picture battles and campaigns, soldiers and generals, but there’s more to the story. The war affected every American, Northern and Southern, soldier and civilian, free and enslaved. The Museum’s mission is to cover all of those perspectives in the stories we share, which often leads us off the beaten path.

Through this new monthly blog series, we hope you’ll learn about certain Civil War stories for the first time, or discover a new way of looking at a familiar tale. However, we also hope to learn some new things in this venture. So if you have a favorite, lesser-known story from the Civil War, please share it with us. It may get featured in a future post. 

Look for the first post on Albert Cashier, a somewhat distinctive Civil War soldier, Monday, May 22.


Off the Beaten Path Story

I wrote several stories in my Civil War blog a few years ago that I referred to as being "on the margins of the war." One of them that I found particulary compelling was the story of David Creigh, which you can find here:

Thank you Mr. Thompson.

We appreciate you sharing your post that certainly fits the theme of this series. I especially like "On the Margins of the War" as a series title.

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