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Message from the CEO

Headshot of Dr. Havers facing the camera.


Rob: Hello! I’m Rob Havers, CEO and President of the American Civil War Museum. As you
make your travel plans for the summer, I hope you’ll visit the Museum at our locations in
Richmond and Appomattox, Virginia.

Our extensive collection and award-winning exhibits tell the story of the War on and off the
battlefield, offering something for the whole family.

This is Joseph Rogers, our Youth Programs Manager, who has worked to bring stories of the
Civil War to classrooms across the country. He has encountered many of the questions that
kids and parents share about this pivotal time in American history. Joseph, how do you
approach the complex topic of the Civil War with our younger visitors?

Joseph: We often hear from parents, and even teachers, that the Civil War is particularly
difficult to talk about. Our youth programs are designed to help students understand the
complexities of the Civil War through asking questions. We take time to carefully craft the kind
of responses that younger guests can understand and relate to their own experiences.

After all, the biggest thing that we want everyone to take away from visiting the museum is
that they are a part of a continuing history that has been and continues to be shaped by the
actions of everyday people. When we highlight colorized images in the galleries, or point out
the stories of lesser known actors in the Civil War, people begin to make the connection
between the past and the present. And sometimes these connections are difficult to talk about.
But we’ve found that when we have honest conversations with students that center their
questions, they understand a lot more than we might think.

So we have taken what we’ve learned from students to create activities and guides for families
coming on their own. This summer we will debut ACWM Family Packs, which will be fun for
kids to use and helpful for parents and caregivers while visiting the Museum. We also have
our Homefront Education digital series entering Season 2 this June, with more stories from our
galleries, collection, and around the city of Richmond.

And we have at least one Family Day planned for late July, so independent family groups can
enjoy some of the same programming that we offer to our school groups.

Rob: So whether you have questions, love history and artifacts, or just want to know more,
we are ready to welcome you and your family this summer! And if you didn’t know, Virginia
public school students and teachers can enjoy free admission at all ACWM sites!
Plan your visit at acwm.org and follow us on social media for updates about exciting
programs for all ages coming throughout the summer.

Safe travels to all and we hope to see you soon!