Museum News

Message from the Interim CEO and President, Elisabeth Muhlenfeld Wollan


Dear friends,

In the midst of this holiday season, I find it heartening to reflect on the past year and the challenges we have all had to face.  At the American Civil War Museum, we have met them with the determination to find new ways to reach you so that we can continue to provide the resources and programming (and inspiration) you expect from us.

One thing this year has done exceptionally well:  shown all of us how important it is that we understand our history–the “why” and “how” it  has shaped us as a nation.  As we seek to navigate current culture, ACWM’s role has never been more important. This year we have  brought you accurate information about everything from monuments and uprisings to past elections and societal struggles from the Civil War era.  

Our staff has shifted the way we work, and learned important lessons along the way. Our goal was to stay in touch by meeting our members where they are. We created the HomefrontEd series to assist parents who suddenly became teachers, and teachers who were suddenly virtual educators.  Switching to all online programming, our BookTalks and History Happy Hours were attended by people from across the country. Our one-year Virtual Anniversary Celebration was all the more special because so many of you tuned in!  

It must be said that none of what we’ve done this year would have been possible without your continued support.  We were able to open a new exhibit, Southern Ambitions, preserve our artifacts, and welcome visitors at all three ACWM sites. We also created a new, more efficient website in order to get you the information you need, easily.  And we are hard at work on our new experience theater to open next summer.  We know we would not have these accomplishments to tell you about were it not for your dedication and membership. So thank you for being the most important part of ACWM.  You are why we exist in the first place.  

All three ACWM sites remain open to welcome visitors and are dedicated to ensuring a safe visit as we continue to adhere to strict COVID-19 protocols.  We’d love to see you soon!

Wishing you a very happy holiday,