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The Thin Light of Freedom – A Dramatization


One valley. Two towns, one Northern the other Southern. Their people had much in common: family ties, religious views, the soil they worked. Only one thing separated them: slavery.

Join us October 26 as we present a dramatization of Ed Ayers’ new book, “The Thin Light of Freedom: The Civil War and Emancipation in the Heart of America.” Co-written by award-winning historians Abigail Schumann and Sheila Arnold Jones, this presentation highlights the voices of diverse people and their reactions to war, its aftermath, emancipation, and freedom.

In this video, Schumann and Arnold talk about the program, connections between past and present, issues that won’t go away, and the things we can learn from the past.

“The Thin Light of Freedom – A Dramatization” will be presented for one night only, at the Historic Hippodrome Theater, 528 N. 2nd Street, Richmond.
Seating is limited. To reserve your space, click on the link below.