Bottimore Lecture

After Charleston and Charlottesville: The Future of Confederate History

Thursday, October 18, 2018

7:30 pm
International Center Commons, Weinstein International Center, University of Richmond
Free, reservations recommended.

How have - and how should - the national soul-searching about the Confederacy and its legacies affect the way students of Civil War history engage with their subject? What does the future hold for the study of Confederate history in the wake of Charleston and Charlottesville? 

The 2018 Elizabeth Roller Bottimore lecture will address those and other questions in what promises to be a thoughtful and freewheeling discussion between two of America's most prominent scholars and Civil War public historians - Dr. Gary Gallagher and Dr. Edward Ayers. 

The Carole Weinstein International Center is building #52 on this map. Parking will be available in lots R19 and R20.

For questions about the lecture, please contact John Coski




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