The Foundry Series- Refugees from Slavery

The Foundry Series- Refugees from Slavery


Historic Tredegar

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Hunton & Williams
Foundry Series July 2017

What do Dadaab, Kenya and Zatari, Jordan have in common with the U.S. Civil War?  Present-day refugee camps share important similarities with Civil War contraband camps. Discover how men, women, and children who fled from slavery to contraband camps influenced emancipation, the progress of the war, and the redefinition of U.S. citizenship.

Featuring: Chandra Manning, Ph.D., Georgetown University.
Dr. Manning's most recent book, Troubled Refuge: Struggling for Freedom in the Civil War, about Civil War contraband camps, has won the Museum’s 2016 Jefferson Davis Award.

Program Partners include CWS Richmond Refugee Resettlement, ReEstablish Richmond, and Artist Alfonso Perez Acosta.


$10 Adults, Members: $8

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