Loreta Velasquez, the Confederate Kardashian

Loreta Velasquez, the Confederate Kardashian


Museum of the Confederacy- Appomattox
Loreta Velasquez

One of the most famous cases of a woman posing as a man to be a soldier in the Civil War is that of Loreta Janeta Velasquez, who detailed her adventures as Lieutenant Harry Buford in her 1876 book The Woman in Battle. Controversy has raged over the truth of her claims since the war itself, but the reality of her life is even more sensational and improbable than all of her claims. Now for the first time, extensive research can reveal the real story of the Confederacy's first, and perhaps only, true 'media celebrity'. Our presenter is William C. “Jack” Davis, the author or editor of more than 50 books in the fields of Civil War and Southern history, and the only four-time winner of the American Civil War Museum's Jefferson Davis Award for book length works on the Civil War.


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