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22 September 2016

2016 Elizabeth Roller Bottimore Lecture: "The Cause of All Nations: An International History of the American Civil War"

Based on his book of the same name, Dr. Don H. Doyle's lecture will explore the place of the American Civil War in the context of mid-19th-century democratic revolutions, how nations of the world viewed the war, and how the U.S. and Confederate governments tried to shape world opinion about their respective causes. Doyle is the McCausland Professor of History at the University of South Carolina.

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Civil War Conversation: The Economic Impact of Reconstruction on the United States

How did Reconstruction impact the economy of the United States? Did Reconstruction policies help the South recover from the devastation of the Civil War? The Northern economy was thriving. How did it change because of these policies and practices? Join Bob Sayre for this talk. Light refreshments served at 6:30, talk begins at 7:00.

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