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04 August 2018

Lincoln & Davis Tour

During the Civil War, Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln both had connections to the house at 1201 E. Clay Street. Explore how the decisions, personalities, and families of these two men impacted their presidencies on this tour of the White House of the Confederacy. 

Learn more about the bicentennial of the house at

House 200- From Individuals to Symbols of Memory

Discover how the individuals known to history as Mary Elizabeth Bowser, “Jim Limber," and Winnie Davis - all at one point associated with the house - have been used as symbols to shape Civil War memory. This panel discussion will feature John Coski (ACWM), Ruth Ann Coski (historian), and Lois Leveen (author).

Come early at 1:30pm to see actors from Quill Theatre read selections from their new original play about Mary Elizabeth Bowser and Elizabeth Van Lew, "Under the Veil". 

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