Historian Jack Davis to introduce new book Oct. 15 in Appomattox


By Patrick Saylor
Director, Marketing Communication

Historian William C. "Jack" Davis will introduce his latest book, "Inventing Loreta Valesquez: Confederate Soldier Impersonator, Media Celebrity and Con Artist,"  Saturday, Oct. 15 at 2:00 p.m. at the Museum of the Confederacy - Appomattox. Following his presentation, he will be available to sign copies of the book.

In his book, Davis exposes the story of Loreta Valesquez, a Civil War-era woman who created her own 15 minutes of fame. He chose Valasquez out of an interest in myths and folk heroes, and the facts behind their notoriety. "She is an example of someone who very consciously created her own myth," he says. "I was curious what happened to her, since as a few years ago it was commonly accepted that after 1878 she disappeared or died. In fact I unearthed another 45 years of her life, and the reality of her life far exceeds her fictional Civil War memoir in interest."

The program is free with Museum admission. Due to limited space, reservations are requested.

To reserve your space in Appomattox program, click here.

The program scheduled for Richmond has been canceled. 



William C Davis and hatred of women

have you listened to the tape of this guy talking at your museum ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAwZKycfyIg and all the gratuitous jokes about people of non standard sexuality and obsessions with prostitutes and female sexuality, you should be ashamed of yourself as a public museum in supporting this troglodyte. Donald Trump's recent denouncing of women claiming his assaulting them is just another instance like this book of how women's voices and stories are still shredded to pieces in public. I think that a public museum should be far more accountable

Re: William C Davis and hatred of women

Thank you for your comment. We were unaware of Mr. Davis' comments until you pointed them out to us. We agree that they were inappropriate, and they do not align with our core values as a Museum, in particular the values of inclusion and empathy. We have temporarily removed the video from our library for editing, and will do a much better job of reviewing them prior to their release.

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