Ice Cream and Family History

By Patrick Saylor
Director, Marketing Communication

On Sunday, October 30, share your family's stories of the past and enjoy ice cream on us at the Museum of the Confederacy - Appomattox. From noon to 4 p.m., "Rediscovering Your Stories" will highlight the work of current researchers who are working to better understand the experience of people who lived in and around central Virginia during the Civil War, and how those communities today are impacted by the war and its legacies.

Visitors are encouraged to:

  • Bring an "artifact" that represents your personal connection to the Civil War, past and/or present. We'll add your artifact (object, image, document, book, etc.) to our one-day "pop-up" exhibit.
  • Share your family's Civil War experiences with local researchers as they capture oral histories and explore the stories collected from other central Virginia families.

Admission to this family-friendly program is free. Complimentary ice cream will be served from 1 to 2 p.m.

"Rediscovering Your Stories" is the last of a series of "Civil War Sundays" programs presented during October by the Central Virginia Civil War Destinations. Each Sunday during October, a different Civil War historic site or museum presents programs and activities related to the American Civil War and its legacies.


general comment

As a Nova Scotian and a big Civil War buff, someday I hope to get down to your neck of the woods and be 'enveloped' in the aura of all the history of your area.

You are welcome.

You are certainly welcome anytime Mr. Wride. Indeed, history surrounds you here in Virginia. You can find some of the other historical attractions and areas close to our museums on our Travel Resources page here- Thanks, Leo Rohr

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