Time Zone X: Civil War Causes

Time Zone X: Civil War Causes

Dates and Eras: 

  • antebellum
  • The War Years
  • Reconstruction


This BrainPop game focuses on student’s ability to note important events of the War, and their ability to line them up correctly. The game uses events both for the lead up to the Civil War but also for events surrounding the Civil War, related to prominent historical figures like Mark Twain or Frederick Douglass. Students will be prompted to use context and background information to solve the game.

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  • Leaders
  • African Americans
  • Emancipation
  • battles
  • Art


  • VS.7 a
  • USI.8 a
  • b
  • d
  • VUS.6 e
  • VUS.7 a


Suggested Questions: 

  1. Why do you think it is important to include a figure like Mark Twain in the timeline? Explain using the events given for the Mark Twain section.

  2. How did you determine which events go where? Was it common knowledge? If not, what kinds of methods did you use to determine the placement of the events?

  3. What do you think is the most important event on your timeline and why?

Suggested Activities: 

  1. After students play a round of the game, have them pick three events they guessed correctly and write a paragraph explaining the events and how they relate to one another.

  2. Using the resource under the game in the link by “Printables,” have students create a new event with a corresponding blurb, and have them explain the event’s placement within the game.

  3. Have students add to a new timeline a list of other historical events outside the Civil War, as well as current events. Have students chose the 3 events they find to be most important to them.

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