Emancipation and the New Black Vote

This segment outlines the outcome of the fifteenth amendment that awarded newly freed black men the right to vote. The artifact featured in this vodcast is the Museum's list of newly registered black voters from Midlothian, Virginia in May of 1870. Themes of emancipation, reconstruction, and the role politics played in pre-Jim Crow era voting are discussed.

Servants and Slaves in the White House of the Confederacy

This video takes a look at some of the servants and slaves who worked in the White House of the Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia. Profiles include the steward Edward Eggeling, coachman William Jackson, and nanny Ellen Barnes. The artifacts featured in this segment are Jefferson Davis' dressing case, china from the White House, and photographs of the house and servants.

Encouraging Hearts, Strengthening Hands: Confederate Women Support the War Effort

This video describes women's contributions during the Civil War, including flag-making, nursing, fundraising and spying. Artifacts featured in this segment include an apron and bowl used by nurses at Confederate hospitals, the flags of the 2nd Virginia Cavalry, Co. C, and the 21st North Carolina Infantry, Co. D, a shell jacket worn by Private George Greer of the 58th Virginia Infantry, and assorted letters and documents produced by women, including a letter written by spy Rose O'Neal Greenhow.

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