women of the civil war

Confederate Women

Confederate Women, edited by Mauriel Phillips Joslyn. This anthology of ten historical essays focuses on women's roles during the Civil War. Using archival research and excerpts from real women's own letters and diaries, these essays reveal true stories of heroism. (176 pages, 9 x 6, Paperback)

A Southern Spy in Northern Virginia

As the Civil War raged, Confederate brigadier general J.E.B. Stuart entrusted a secret album to Laura Ratcliffe, a young girl in Fairfax County, 'as a token of his high appreciation of her patriotism, admiration of her virtues, and pledge of his lasting esteem.' A devoted Southerner, Laura provided a safe haven for Rebel forces, along with intelligence gathered from passing Union soldiers.

Mary Boykin Chesnut's Diary

Documenting the period between 1861 and 1865, Mary Chesnut's Diary is widely considered to be one of the most compelling personal narratives of the Civil War. As the daughter of a wealthy plantation owner and the wife of an aide to the Confederate President, Jefferson Davis, Chesnut was well acquainted with the Confederacy's prominent players and--from the very first shots in Charleston, South Carolina--diligently recorded her impressions of the conflict's most significant moments.

Amazing Women of the Civil War: Fascinating True Stories of Women Who Made a Difference

Amazing Women of the Civil War: Fascinating True Stories of Women Who Made a Difference, by Webb Garrison. Fascinating true stories of some of the most interesting and influential personalities of the Civil War. Their heroic deeds and selfless acts ranged from caring for the wounded to fighting on the battlefields. Included are Harriet Tubman, Belle Boyd, Susan B. Anthony, Clara Barton, and many others. (288 pages, 9 x 6, Paperback)

Women of War: Selected Memoirs, Poems, and Fiction by Virginia Women Who Lived Through the Civil War

By Casey Clabough In rare and rediscovered excerpts these women writers evidence the early hopes of a cause destined to be lost, the propagandic rhetoric which accompanied it, and the destruction ultimately visited upon them, their homes, and their families. Women of War brings to light a cornucopia of heretofore obscure women's writings which enrich our understanding of a complex, unsettling time unmatched in our nation's history. Paperback 158


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