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General Robert E. Lee's Farewell Order Print

General Robert E. Lee's Farewell Order. Issued on April 10, 1865, and also known as General Orders Number 9, this is Lee's final message to his Army of Northern Virginia after surrendering on April 9, 1865 at Appomattox Court House, Virginia. This print includes the full text of of Lee's farewell, a facsimile of his signature, and a portrait of the great general. Print measures 8 x 10.

Robert E. Lee by Welch Print - LIMITED EDITION

This portrait is one of only six that are known to have been painted while Lee was alive, only one of which was painted from life during the War. Less than 180 of the strictly-limited run of 500 numbered prints remain. Once these have been sold, this print will no longer be available. As this is a special fund-raising item for the Museum of the Confederacy, member discounts will not be applied. Measures 21 wide x 26 high. ** Large prints require additional handling fees for shipping due to size and weight **

The Confederate Constitution

Copy of the Original Confederate Constitution. This unique collectible is a full-size replica of the original Provisional Confederate Constitution located here at the Museum of the Confederacy. As is the authentic Constitution, this reproduction is ten feet in length and wound on a large wooden roller.


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