Jo Shelby - Confederate States Officer's Sword

General 'Jo' Shelby, who never surrendered, carried this style officer's staff sword. Features 33 carbon steel blade engraved with 'CSA'. Metal scabbard has black finish and brass fixtures, brass handguard is engraved and initialed 'CS', leather handle is wrapped with twisted brass wire. Length: 40.5. ** All large swords require additional handling fees for shipping due to size and weight **

Gettysburg Boxed Civil War Era Pistol Set

A replica full-size, non-firing, M1860 Army Colt revolver comes in a deluxe display box and features a reproduction of an engraving of General Lewis Armistead storming the Union artillery positions the High Water Mark of the Confederacy - in Picketts Charge at the Battle of Gettysburg (July 1863). Comes with cavalry crossed sabre pin and U.S. hat pin. Box measures 14.5 x 7.25 x 2.5.

Replica Le Mat Confederate Pistol

Replica Le Mat Confederate Pistol - This massive revolver was a favorite of Confederate troops. It featured awesome firepower with its nine .41 caliber bullets and one 20 gauge, single barrel firing a slug or buckshot. With working single action, loading lever, and simulated checkered wood grips, this historic revolver is a must for your collection. (Length 14)

Confederate CS Artillery Sword - Richmond Arsenal

Confederate States Artillery Sword - Richmond Arsenal. Grooved brass handle and grip with the initials C.S. on guard and a single star on each side of the pommel. Carbon steel blade. The scabbard is made of leather with brass accents and compliments the sword perfectly. Sword measures 25.5, 28 with scabbard. ** All large swords require additional shipping due to size, weight and type of packaging required. Shipping for each sword is $30.00**

Confederate Cavalry Sabre

Ride with the boys in gray with a Confederate Cavalry Officers sword in your hand! This is the traditional design of a Civil War cavalry troopers most lethal weapon. This item stretches 37 overall, and features a leather wrapped handle accented with wire wrapping and a brass plated guard and pommel. The 28 1/4 stainless steel blade is ornately detailed with an intricate etching over half the length of the blade. The sword includes a leather wrapped scabbard adorned with brass fittings. A great item for Civil War buffs or historical collectors!

Stonewall Jackson Model 1850 Officer's Sword

An amazingly accurate replica of the Model 1850 U.S. Officer's Sword, the same as that carried by Lt. General Thomas J. Stonewall Jackson. Ornately detailed, semi-basket brass guard, heavily engraved slightly curved blade, complete with brass mounted steel scabbard. Length: 40. ** All large swords require additional shipping due to size, weight and type of packaging required. Shipping for each sword is $30.00**
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