Confederate Infantry Set

Since 1893, W. Britain has produced millions of toy soldiers for countless children all over the world. Real and imaginary battles have been won and lost with young generals using every bit of their imagination and knowledge of history to conjure up good old fashioned fun. These 1:32nd scale hand-painted plastic figures with detailed weapons, flags, and horses, all on sturdy metal bases, are sure to stand up on even the most challenging backyard battlefields! The Confederate Infantry Set includes 6 infantry figures and a cardboard recruitment poster.

Thumb Piano - Large

The mbira and kalimba-families of instruments are found throughout much of Africa. Music is played on metal prongs tuned to various pitches. Our tiny kalimba is crafted in Africa from re-used aluminum cans.

Hand Drum

To activate the flying beads, twirl the stick with one hand or in-between your palms. This instrument is a traditional noisemaker from Africa and other parts of the world. Its universal appeal may be tracked to the simple way it is played. The beads on the strings act as the drumsticks and generate a perfect drum roll with a constant spin of the drum. Approx. size 10 x 3 inches.


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