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Emancipation & Evolving American Identity
July 5–8, 2020

K-12 educators will explore the origins, process, lived experiences, and legacies of Emancipation in a two-week institute funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. This professional development opportunity includes discussions with leading scholars, field trips to Virginia sites highlighting the complex history of the end of slavery, and workshop sessions that focus on techniques and strategies educators can use in their classroom. Applications are due March 1, 2020. 

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Civil War 101 Teachers Institute
2020 Dates Coming Soon

This three-day institute examines the compromises and controversies leading up to the American Civil War; provides an overview of the war itself and its effect on the homefront; delves into the challenges wartime presidents Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis faced; and explores the outcomes of the Civil War, providing a framework for understanding Reconstruction and the legacies of the war.

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Hampton Roads in the Civil War 
2020 Dates Coming Soon
In collaboration with Christopher Newport University's Center for American Studies

This summer, ACWM is partnering with Christopher Newport University's Center for American Studies for one of their annual educator workshops. During Hampton Roads in the Civil War, join members of our staffs, as well as historians, scholars, and other educators to critically examine secession, the African American quest for freedom, and the pivotal role of Hampton Roads in the conflict.    

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