The Foundry Series

Programs feature light refreshments and social time with speakers and partners before a brief talk and Q&A session.

Time: Refreshments at 6:00 pm, talk begins at 6:30 pm.
Date: The date varies.
Location: Historic Tredegar.
Cost: $10 for adults, $8 for members. 

The Museum would like to thank Hunton & Williams LLP for their generous sponsorship of the Foundry Series.

Next Program

Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 6:00pm
Location: Historic Tredegar
Speaker: Chandra Manning

What do Dadaab, Kenya and Zatari, Jordan have in common with the U.S. Civil War?  Present-day refugee camps share important similarities with Civil War contraband camps. Discover how men, women, and children who fled from slavery to contraband camps influenced emancipation, the progress of the war, and the redefinition of U.S. citizenship.

Featuring: Chandra Manning, Ph.D., Georgetown University.
Dr. Manning's most recent book, Troubled Refuge: Struggling for Freedom in the Civil War, about Civil War contraband camps, has won the Museum’s 2016 Jefferson Davis Award.

Upcoming Programs

Date: September 28, 2017
Location: Historic Tredegar
Speaker: Jennifer Weber, Ph.D., and Robert Kenzer, Ph.D.
Join Jennifer Weber, Ph.D., and Robert Kenzer, Ph.D., to explore and compare the resistance of southern Unionists and northern Copperheads.
Date: November 16, 2017
Location: Historic Tredegar
Speaker: Ari Kelman, Ph.D., and Keith Richotte, Ph.D.
Join Ari Kelman, Ph.D., and Keith Richotte, Ph.D., to explore connections between the American Civil War and military campaigns against Native American peoples, before, during, and after the Civil War.

Past Programs

Speaker: Kidada E. Williams, Ph.D. and Stephen A. Goldman, M.D.
Following the Civil War and Emancipation, Union veterans and African American civilians faced physical and mental challenges that put their resilience to the test in new post-War environments.
Speaker: Ron Smith
Discover and explore the Civil War, through the eyes and words of some of America’s greatest poets and visual artists.
Speaker: Lee Pollock
Discover Churchill’s fascination with the Civil War and what it reveals about his view of history and the war itself.

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