Overheard: Conversations About Hope, Yearning, and Loss

Overheard: Conversations About Hope, Yearning & Loss

Within the walls of every home are the voices and conversations of residents past and present, public and private.

During special interactive evening tours of the White House of the Confederacy you’ll meet and hear conversations among free and enslaved people from the Civil War era. Uncover their diverse relationships, points of view, values and motivations. Through their voices, you’ll discover that life in the house is often a smaller reflection of life outside its walls.

Two tours are offered each evening. Space is limited, and reservations are encouraged. You can register at one of the tour time links below.

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July 6, 2017- 5:30 pm tour; 7:00 pm tour

Cost: Adults: $10, $8 (members); Youth: $5, $4 (members)

Get a preview of the tour via the Richmond Times Dispatch- White House of Confederacy begins nighttime tours called 'Overheard'


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