Vicksburg National Military Park


Vicksburg National Military Park was established by Congress to “commemorate the campaign, siege, and defense of Vicksburg,” which many consider the most decisive campaign of the Civil War. The battlefield at Vicksburg is one of the largest and most heavily visited of the nation’s historic sites. Beginning with the efforts of Union and Confederate veterans to gain Congressional action to establish the park, and continuing through veterans’ work in land acquisition, road and bridge construction, and the dedication of the magnificent memorials and monuments that dot the landscape, Images of America: Vicksburg National Military Park features stunning photographs of the efforts and events that have made Vicksburg the “art park of the world.” Also included are images of veterans’ reunions and the work of the Civilian Conservation Corps, as well as a history of Vicksburg National Cemetery, where the remains of 17,000 Union soldiers and sailors are enshrined.

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