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American Civil War Museum Speakers Bureau

Bring the stories and staff from the Museum to you by booking a program for your group or organization.

The American Civil War Museum offers a menu of programs available for organizations to book or schedule. Unless otherwise noted, the programs listed below are lectures designed for adults and vary in length. All are designed to occur at your location. Programs are subject to availability, and most can be adapted to fit the needs of your group. Booking and pricing information is below.

Cost: $75 per program + mileage

For more information, or to book a program:
Contact Kelly Hancock, 804.649.1861, ext. 121

Our experienced staff can present a program on a variety of topics. Explore the topic categories and some suggested stories below, or find more details by contacting us.

Available program topics include:

Aftermath and Commemoration
Explore the legacies and controversies that reveal an unforgotten past.
How did Americans deal with the untold devastation of the American Civil War? Why is the “Confederate flag” such a contentious symbol? How does the war still resonate with us today?

Civilian Experiences
Encounter the changing world of the non-military individuals on the home front.
Walk in the footsteps of women and African Americans who made complex decisions in the midst of war. Join sketch artists on the battlefield.

Explore the Museum’s collection virtually.
Want to see the “stuff?” View the intricate designs of quilts, learn about our flag conservation program, or discover how the museum has used science to unlock the secrets of artifacts in its collection.

Holiday Themed
Add an educational component to your holiday event with one of our themed programs.
Ever wonder what Christmas was like in the 19th Century? Did Civil War soldiers send Valentines to their sweethearts? How did Memorial Day begin?

Local Stories
Discover how Richmond became the Confederate capital and how it changed as a result of the war.
Uncover the secrets of Belle Isle, Tredegar and Brown’s Island. Meet the free and enslaved staff of the Confederate White House. Join in the social whirl of the new capital.

Explore the stories of battles and the individuals who fought in them.
How did the leadership styles of officers impact their decisions? How did technology or the navy influence the course of the war? What kind of horrors did prisoners of war endure?

Political Issues
Explore some of the more complex issues of the Civil War Era.
What impact did African-American leaders have on the Abolition Movement? Why did the South decide to secede? Where did the country succeed in reuniting after four years of war, and where did it fail?

Presidential Perspectives
Enter the world of the first families during the American Civil War.
How did past experiences shape Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis to become war presidents? What type of conversation would Mary Todd Lincoln and Varina Davis have if they had ever met?

Additional Reservation Information:

  • Programs are subject to availability.
  • Payment is due on the day of the program. In cases where significant travel is involved, payment will be required two weeks in advance.
  • Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance of a scheduled booking are still responsible for paying for their originally booked program.

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