Road Closures


Dominion Riverrock 2017

Dominion Riverrock returns to Historic Tredegar May 19 - 21 and will affect travel and parking for Museum visitors. On Thursday May 18 and Friday May 19, Museum visitors will need to park in a lot located off 5th St (near the Red Bull Berm Burners location- see map below). To reach this lot, please turn right on 7th St. from Byrd St., then turn right on Bragg St. Proceed to the end of Bragg St. and turn left on 5th St. The gravel lot is just ahead on the right. Please tell any police officer or event staff-person directing traffic that you are visiting the Museum. 

For Saturday May 20 and Sunday May 21, there will be no designated parking for Museum visitors. Please see Dominion Riverrock's travel page for information about public parking options

Tredegar Street, Brown's Island Way, and 5th Street below the parking area will be closed to traffic from Friday, May 19 through Sunday, May 21. Please plan your route to the area accordingly. See the venue map below for event and vendor locations. 

If you have questions, please call the Museum's front desk at 804-649-1861 x149.


About Dominion Riverrock

Dominion Riverrock, organized by Venture Richmond and the Sports Backers, is the nation's premier outdoor lifestyle festival, bringing athletes, spectators, musicians, and even dogs to Brown’s Island for a three-day festival against the backdrop of downtown Richmond’s urban riverfront. The festival features a variety of outdoor sports including trail running, kayaking, biking, bouldering, slacklining, stand up paddleboarding, and dog jumping. The event was designed to promote Richmond’s unique riverfront, downtown trails and whitewater rapids to outdoor enthusiasts. As a result of the creation of Dominion Riverrock, there is a stronger appreciation for the value of outdoor recreation throughout the entire Richmond region.

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