Collections Crawl

Join Joseph and our Collections staff as we take a closer look at some artifacts that aren’t on public view!

Collections Crawl: Swords

The ACWM has a collection of over 350 swords, but Joseph and Robert look at one giant sword for one giant man.

Collections Crawl: Children’s Clothes

Join us as we take a peek at a unique uniform. It’s not for a soldier, so who was it made for and why?

Collections Crawl: Rifle

A lot of people consider the American Civil War to be a war of innovations. Join Joseph as he talks to Robert about a new innovation for the battlefield.

Collections Crawl: Clothing

A look at some of the clothing worn by the men and women of the Civil War era. Join us in examining items that are not on display in our galleries! Compare and contrast their clothing with ours today.

Collections Crawl: Shell Jacket

Out of the many uniforms we have in the ACWM collection, we invite you to take a closer look at a Union shell jacket worn by William Parker. When he immigrated from England to Ohio, he had no idea that a war was going to break out. Join Joseph and our Director of Collections, Robert Hancock, as they go into the twists and turns Parker experienced during the War and how his jacket ended up in our care.

Collections Crawl: Dolls

Children’s playthings come in many shapes, sizes, and varieties and this is also true during the Civil War. Come see two dolls from our collections’ storage. Both were given as gifts, but they have two different materials and stories to share.