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Let us help you shape the perfect Civil War experience for your group. We welcome opportunities to tailor programs to suit your group’s needs. 

On-Site Tours

Immerse your group in history at the American Civil War Museum, often in spaces where important events occurred. For adult groups, rates include museum admission only.

Group RateTredegar
Tredegar + White House of the ConfederacyWhite House of the ConfederacyAppomattoxAll Three Sites
Senior/Coll/Ret. Military$14$21$11$10$31

Customize your visit with these guided tours

Only an extra $3 a person per tour

A young man in his civil war uniform projected onto the museum wall.
“A People’s Contest” Exhibit Tour
(At Historic Tredegar in Richmond, VA)

In our permanent exhibit, immerse yourself in the chaos and complexity of the Civil War at a human level. Through this guided tour, discover stories of diverse Americans struggling through the challenging war years.  When confront ed by the reality of war, what choices did people make? How did life change for all Americans in the aftermath?

An instructor giving a tour.
Brown’s Island Tour
(Richmond, VA)

With a quarter-mile walk along the James River, explore the story of Richmond during the Civil War.  From Tredegar Iron Works where they cast cannon used to fire on Fort Sumter in April of 1861 to President Abraham Lincoln’s visit to Richmond in April of 1865, encounter local stories of triumph and tragedy that exemplified life—and death—for many people during the War.

Appomattox Permanent Exhibit Tour
(Appomattox, VA)

Through this guided tour, using artifacts, photographs, and documents in the Museum’s permanent exhibit, explore the overlapping stories of the end of the War and the reunification of a nation. How did the War impact peoples’ lives, both in its final days and after surrender?

Medicine in the Civil War
(All locations)

Discover the grim world of Civil War medicine, delve into the reasons behind the high disease rate, and witness a demonstration of amputation, the most common surgery of the Civil War. Despite the terrible challenges facing field surgeons and nurses, impressive advancements in military medicine resulted.

Other Popular Options

People around a statue listening to a speaker.
Slavery, Civil War, and Emancipation

Explore the history of Richmond as the Confederate capital, a center of the slave trade, and a place of resistance and emancipation. A Museum interpreter will join your bus group as a step-on-guide to take you through the congestion of modern Richmond to discover remnants of the city’s past.
Price: $150 | 1.5 Hours 

Lunch Seminar

Choose one of our Speakers Bureau talks ($75 fee) for an onsite seminar and combine it with lunch. Inquire for lunch options and pricing. A $250 space rental fee applies.

About 40 people joined the Tredegar Society for the 90 minute conversational walking tour to Belle Isle on Saturday, June 6, 2015.
Walking Tours

Walk in the footsteps of history—explore the Civil War through guided walking tours of the city that served as the center of the mid-Atlantic slave trade, capital of the Confederacy, and one of the main targets of Union forces throughout the War. Inquire about specific tour options. Price depends upon group size and length of tour.   

Tailored Tours

We are always excited to tailor programs to suit your group’s needs, learning styles, and interests. Ask about having any of our general programs tailored to your group or about designing a program just for you. Additional fees may apply, depending on the amount of customization.

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