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Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind venue for your next corporate fundraiser? Are you in need of a location to host your non-profit gala, school fundraiser, or family gathering? The American Civil War Museum offers two site rental options in Richmond, VA: The American Civil War Museum’s Saunders Lobby & The White House of the Confederacy Garden.

Tredegar – Saunders Lobby

490 Tredegar St.,
Richmond, VA 23219
Guest Limit: 150
Base Rental Rate$1,200
Staffing Fee (required)$100
Cleaning Fee (required)$100
With the fee to keep the Museum open (optional)$50
*The Museum offers a 20% discount for not-for-profit organizations

White House of the Confederacy – Garden

1201 E. Clay St.,
Richmond, VA 23219
Guest Limit: 150
Base Rental Rate$1,500
Staffing Fee (required)$100
Cleaning Fee (required)$100
With the fee to keep the Museum open (optional)$100
*The Museum offers a 20% discount for not-for-profit organizations
If you are interested in either of these locations, please email Hattie Jordan [email protected] for availability and more information.

The Foundry

If your event will exceed the 150 people capacity limit, the property next door to our Tredegar Museum, The Foundry building can hold up to a capacity of 500 people. If you are interested, please email Annie Hazelgrove at [email protected] for availability and more information.

Site Rental Policy

The American Civil War Museum
offers this Site Rental Policy to you as follows:

(1) Fees and Deposits: A 10% deposit and contract signed by both parties is required to confirm the reservation. The balance is due fourteen days before the event.
(2) Staffing: A required $100 staffing fee covers the cost of ACWM staff that must be onsite for the duration of the event to open/close the building and safeguard inaccessible areas. This is not event security.
(3) Exhibits and Gift Shop: The Museum may remain open for event guests for an additional fee:

Tredegar Fee: $50 – Includes exhibits, Robins Theater, and gift shop
White House Fee: $100 – Includes guided tours of the House and the gift shop
(4) Set-up and Event Start: Events must take place outside of operating hours.

ACWM-Tredegar Hours of Operation – 10am-5pm EST
• No event set-up before 4:30pm
• Event must begin after 5:30pm and conclude by 11:00pm

ACWM-White House of the Confederacy Hours of Operation – 10am-4pm EST
• No event set-up before 3:30pm
• Event must begin after 4:30pm and conclude by 11:00pm
(5) Overtime Policy: Events must conclude by 11:00pm. One hour will be allowed for clean-up and move-out immediately following the close of event. An hourly charge of $300 will be added to the final bill for every hour portion thereof after the contracted end time of the event.
(6) Food and Alcoholic Beverages: Alcoholic beverage service must be in accordance with Virginia A.B.C. laws and regulations. You are responsible for ensuring the legal drinking age of your employees and guests. All food and beverages are prohibited in the exhibit galleries, inside the Theater, and inside the White House.
(7) Event Coordinator: The Museum requires a designated event coordinator to be present during the entire event and clean-up.
(8) Clean-Up: Lessee is responsible for general trash removal at the end of the event. In the case of excessive trash, a fee equal to the amount of the clean-up, repair, or replacement or $1,000, whichever is greater, will be added to the final invoice. No items may be stored overnight. All leftover decorations and other items will be regarded as trash. Food and drink trash must be collected and removed by the caterer immediately at the close of event.

A required $100 cleaning fee covers the cost of staff clearing the lobby or garden for the event, as well as resetting and cleaning before the Museum reopens.
(9) Prohibited Decorations and Activities:
a. No cooking or cooking stations are allowed in the buildings
b. Birdseed, bubbles, rice, and confetti are not permitted for bridal departures
c. Smoking is not permitted in any building or in the White House garden.
d. Animals are permitted on the Museum grounds with prior approval unless such animals are disability assistance service animals, for which no approval is necessary.
e. Possession or use of any illegal substances or materials is strictly prohibited. The Museum reserves the right to contact the proper legal authorities if any guests are found possessing or participating in such activity, as well as expel them from the premises.
(10) Photography and Videotaping: Objects on exhibit may not be photographed or filmed without permission of the Museum.
(11) Accessibility: The Museum is in compliance with provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”). Ramp structures are provided for the courtyard, parking lot, and buildings. In the event the Lessee creates additional accessibility accommodations on-site, it is the Lessee’s responsibility to investigate and provide all items necessary to comply with applicable ADA provisions.
(12) Indemnification: Lessee agrees to indemnify the Museum and its employees against any claims for personal injuries, death, or property damage from the event, except to the extent that such claims arise from gross negligence or willful misconduct of the Museum or its employees.
(13) Release from Responsibility: The Museum is not responsible for loss or damage to items belonging to your organization or contract vendors before, during, or after the event.
(14) Neighboring Events: The Museum’s Tredegar site is located in downtown Richmond on the north bank of the James River, amidst a growing and thriving part of the City. Events are routinely held on Brown’s Island, the Virginia War Memorial, and other areas immediately adjacent to the Museum. Similarly, the White House of the Confederacy is located in downtown Richmond in the immediate vicinity of VCU Health. It is not the Museum’s responsibility to notify you of these events, nor will it be held accountable for any impact these neighboring events may have on your event.
(15) Event Cancellation: The Lessee may cancel the event for a full refund of the deposit up to 60 days prior to the event. The deposit will be forfeited for any cancellation after this period. The Museum reserves the right to cancel the event at our discretion due to unsafe or hazardous conditions. Should this occur, the Museum will work with you to reschedule the event at a mutually beneficial time.
(16) Terms and Conditions: No terms, representations, or warranties of any kind are made by the Museum except as written in this agreement.

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