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2020 Recipient of Virginia by Design Awards

Thank you again to The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design & Virginia by Design Awards for recognizing us in 2020 for the Prize for Public Interest Design: Community Engagement and Participation! We are very honored! And an extra special thank you to 3North for their hard work on designing our Tredegar site!

This prize is for a creative project that has transformed its surroundings whether a setting, neighborhood, or community. It is for an individual or entity responsible for shepherding the project within Virginia. ACWM looks forward to continuing to be a hub of activity and community for years to come!

The Virginia by Design Awards recognizes the best efforts of designers or visionaries in Virginia who, by profession or avocation, have made creating, preserving, and enhancing design in Virginia a notable endeavor which elevates the power of design. The awards specifically highlight excellence in design, visionary thinking, patronage, and the transformative role of design in shaping the built environment.