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“Brick the Battlefield” with William J. G. McCoy

William J. G. McCoy, has masterfully depicted the iconic “Lee’s Surrender At Appomattox” and the intense “Engagement at Laurel Hill, May 8, 1864″ using Lego bricks! Whether in Richmond or Appomattox, check out these intricate and unique displays!

Time Lapse of construction

“My first LEGO Civil War battle was the 1864 Battle of New Market, Virginia, which I built in the spring of 2021. The building was large, almost 8 feet long, and was primarily constructed for the LEGO fan convention Brick Fair Virginia. I continued to build several American Civil War creations throughout the year including a winter camp – complete with army tents and snow-covered pine trees.” – William J. G. McCoy

Lee’s Surrender At Appomattox

Currently on Display at ACWM-Appomattox

“My next build was a diorama of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox, Virginia. The diorama included a cut-away display of the parlor of Mr. Wilmer McClean’s house in which the official surrender terms were signed.” – William J. G. McCoy

The Engagement at Laurel Hill, May 8, 1864

Currently on Display at ACWM-Tredegar

“Soon after taking a tour of the Spotsylvania battlefield in April of 2023, I decided that my next build would be of the Battle of Spotsylvania, Virginia. From the start, I knew it would be out of my reach to create the entire battle. Instead, I decided on a more obscure side of the battle and chose the Engagement at Laurel Hill, a small engagement on the eve of the battle on May 8, 1864. The building process took approximately three months and required nearly 5,000 LEGO elements. No instructions were used; however, photographs, maps, and even a visit to the battlefield helped ensure the accuracy of the building. By August 2023, the battlefield was complete and debuted to the public at the 2023 Brick Fair Virginia convention.” – William J. G. McCoy