Mission in Action Teacher Advisory Council

National Teacher Advisory Council Member (Week 1): Ryan Sisak

Ryan Sisak

Ranchview High School
9th-12th Grade
Years as an Educator: 10


Ryan Sisak is a ten-year veteran educator at Ranchview High School in Irving Texas, and most recently named Teacher of the First Nine Weeks. Mr. Sisak is also a heritage researcher and professional, with an MA in International Heritage Management (with Merit) from the University of Birmingham, UK, and a forthcoming chapter in the peer-reviewed book Heritage Without National Boundaries, whereby he makes the first scholarly case for recognizing “heritage sites in outer space.” Mr. Sisak’s areas of focus are namely military, war and aerospace heritages, and is currently serving as an interpretive and curatorial advisor to the National Vietnam War Museum in Weatherford, Texas.

In what ways is the American Civil War relevant to you and your students today?

“I truly believe that our political and social climates are still reeling from the many stages of stabilization that followed the Civil War, and I believe there is a common thread that connects the legacy of racial inequality in this country — and that this ‘thread’ stems from the War and its aftermath.”