Mission in Action Teacher Advisory Council

Virginia Teacher Advisory Council Member (Week 7): Judy Davis

Judy Davis

Pearl Sample Elementary
4th grade
Years as an Educator: 7

How familiar are you with the American Civil War? What aspect(s) do you find most fascinating or compelling?

“I grew up with the ability to travel across the United States. American History has always been important and interesting to me. The American Civil War is particularly interesting because of the examples of the lengths people will go to defend their beliefs. The impact this conflict made on our nation is still felt today. One cannot help but wonder where we would be had the outcome been different. I enjoy learning about the individuals who lived through the war. Reading about common experiences through different perspectives helps me understand the conflict as a whole. As a teacher, I believe it is important to share all sides, all perspectives, of our history to ensure we have a complete understanding of events.”

In what ways is the American Civil War relevant to you and your students today?

“So much of the Civil War was fought in Virginia and understanding the causes, effects, and results of the war is important to understanding how Virginia has developed as a state.”