History Activities

Connect the history of the Civil War and it’s legacies to your life today!

Two children working on an activity.
Scan of a diary entry from the Battle of Bull Run

Much of what we know about the past comes from Primary Sources. A primary source is anything that is from the time period that it is describing. Diaries, letters, notebooks, and journals (like those in our collection at the American Civil War Museum) are kinds of primary sources that help us understand the Civil War. Will you help future historians understand you?

Cartoon of different families across the United States

Every 10 years, the country does what’s called a census, an official count of all people living in the country. People go out and knock on doors or mail letters to get the count right. They also collect a lot of information, including your name, how old you are, and what you do for work. Because of this, previous censuses are important records for historians in understanding the past. Now it’s your turn. Take a census of the people in your life!