Part One: A Way of Life

A house isn’t anything without the people and their stories and what they represent in this house. When we talk about the servants or the enslaved workers of the house, as they serve the Confederate President Jefferson Davis, how their domestic requirements contributed to a certain way of life when running the White House of the Confederacy.

Part Two: Making a Home

The first floor of the Davis Mansion is very austere compared to the second and third level of the house. With 10-15 people occupying the mansion at one time, where do the servants and enslaved workers eat, sleep, and move around the house to maintain a certain way of life for the Davis family.

Part 3: Duties and Choices

The servants and enslaved workers are responsible for all sorts of different tasks around the house and to serve the Davis’ needs. As the Civil War continues, the enslaved workers of the house seize opportunities to take charge of their freedom and autonomy.