Faces of Union Soldiers at Fredericksburg


By Joseph Stahl & Matthew Borders

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The Battle of Fredericksburg, fought December 11-15, 1862, is often remembered for the seemingly futile attacks by the Army of the Potomac against dug in Confederates on Marye’s Heights. Less well understood is the fighting south of the heights on what has become known as Slaughter Pen Farm. Selected photos of Union soldiers will give a face and history to those men who struggled across that bloody landscape, as well as to those that charged up the slope of Marye’s Heights into Confederate fire.

Join Matthew Borders and Joseph Stahl as they share their expertise and grant glimpses into the lives of those who fought to preserve the Union.
Paperback: 194 Pages
Publisher: The History Press


Hardcover: 194 Pages
Publisher: The History Press

Matthew Borders has an MS in historic preservation. He is a park ranger at Monocacy National Battlefield and is a member of the Save Historic Antietam Foundation and the Frederick County Civil War Round Table. He was on of the 2019 Recipients of the Save Historic Antietam Foundation’s Dr. Joseph Harsh Award.

Joseph W. Stahl has an MBA and is retired from the Institute for Defense Analyses. He is a member the Company of Military Historians, Save Historic Antietam Foundation and Hagerstown Civil War Roundtable and is co-author of Identification Discs of Union Soldiers in the Civil War.

Both are NPS Certified Battlefield Guides at Antietam National Battlefield and Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.

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