Soldiers from Experience: The Forging of Sherman’s Fifteenth Army Corps


By Eric Michael Burke

Eric Burke examines the tactical behavior and operational performance of Major General William T. Sherman’s Fifteenth US Army Corps during its first year fighting in the Western Theater of the American Civil War. He analyzes how specific experiences and patterns within the ranks led to the emergence of what he characterizes as a distinctive corps-level tactical culture.
Publisher: LSU Press – October 2022
Hardcover: 354 Pages

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Hardcover: 354 pages
Publisher: LSU Press – October 2022

Burke’s study serves as the first book-length examination of an army corps operating in the Western Theater during the conflict. It sheds new light on Civil War history more broadly by uncovering a direct link between the exigencies of nineteenth-century land warfare and the transformation of US wartime strategy from “conciliation,” which aimed to protect the property of Southern civilians, to “hard war.” Most significantly, Soldiers from Experience introduces a new theoretical construct of small unit–level tactical principles wholly absent from the rapidly growing interdisciplinary scholarship on the intricacies and influence of culture on military operations.

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