Thirteen Months in Dixie: The Adventures of a Federal Prisoner in Texas


By Jeaninne Surette Honstein & Steven A. Knowlton

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Thirteen Months in Dixie tells a rollicking tale of adventure, captivity, hardship, and heroism during the last year of the Civil War—in the protagonist’s own words. After being hidden away for decades as a family heirloom, the incredible manuscript is finally available, annotated and illustrated, for the first time.
Honstein & Knowlton recount Massachusetts artilleryman Oscar Federhen’s always thrilling and occasionally horrifying ordeals as a POW, an escapee trying to reach Union lines, a soldier with Rebel irregular cavalry, and a mistakenly-identified deserter.
Publisher: Savas Beatie  – August 2022
Hardcover: 168 Pages

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Hardcover: 168 Pages
Publisher: Savas Beatie – August 2022

Steven A. Knowlton is Librarian for History and African American Studies at Princeton University. His historical research has been published in many peer-reviewed journals. He is the recipient of the William Driver Award from the North American Vexillological Association and the Marshall Wingfield Award from the West Tennessee Historical Society, and has won the Justin Winsor Library History Essay Award twice. This is his first book!

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