Teacher Advisory Council

National Teacher Advisory Council Member (Week 9): Jason Rojee

Jason Rojee

Hopedale Jr-Sr High School, 9th-12th Grade
Years as an Educator: 22


US History Teacher Hopedale JR-SR High School, Hopedale, MA.  22 years teaching; 21 at Medway HS in Medway MA. 2017 Teacher of the Year at Medway HS. He has been on the Advisory Board for 3-4 years at the ACWM.

How will this experience benefit you personally? Your fellow educators?

“I have been fortunate to be able to work with the ACWM for the past few years and each year I continue to learn and grow as a teacher.  The Civil War/Reconstruction Era is not only one of the most crucial time periods in American History, it has also become one of the most relevant to understanding our place in that history.  I have been teaching for 22 years in the suburbs outside of Boston, MA and no other professional development has given me the opportunity to grow and learn with other teachers about such a critical topic than my time with the ACWM.  I hope to bring what I learn from both the museum educators and colleagues from across the nation back to the district I work in and have a positive influence on my colleagues and most importantly the students.”

How familiar are you with the Civil War? What aspect(s) do you find most fascinating or compelling?

“I have always had a passion for the Civil War Era, but through my work with the ACWM I’ve seen that passion grow as well as my knowledge of and connections to the Era as well.  Being able to chat with content experts and other teachers from across the nation who have to look at how we teach difficult topics has given me not only the confidence to continue to attach these topics, but strategies and resources to bolster those lessons as well.  The aspects of the era I find most compelling are the personal ones, how the war and the time after this war affected individuals throughout this nation.  I also think that helps us as educators relay the stories in a more meaningful way to our students, we aren’t just talking names and dates, we are talking human beings; men, women, and children who just like all of us had to make difficult decisions in very difficult times. It has been such an honor and pleasure working with the ACWM and I think anyone who teaches this will benefit from this incredible experience.”