Mission in Action Teacher Advisory Council

National Teacher Advisory Council Member (Week 7): Patrick D. Jacob

Patrick D. Jacob, Ed.S.

Arkansas National Guard, Regional Training Institute
Higher Education
Years as an Educator: 12


Patrick Jacob is from North Little Rock, Arkansas. He has served in the Arkansas National Guard for the past 22 years and currently holds the rank of Chief Warrant Officer Three (CW3); he is the commander and primary military history instructor for the AR National Guard Warrant Officer Candidate School, where he teaches topics on the French and Indian War, American Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, WWI & WWII, Cold War, Vietnam War, and the Global War on Terrorism. 

Patrick is a member and former co-chairman of the North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce Education Committee, as well as a 2020 United States Chamber of Commerce Business Leads Fellow. Additionally, he is also a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.; Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society in Business Administration; Pi Lambda Theta International Honor and Professional Society for Educators; Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education; National Constitution Center Teacher Advisory Council; and the American Battlefield Trust. He enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, volunteering, reading, visiting museums and battlefields, and studying history, especially Civil War history.

How familiar are you with the American Civil War? What aspect(s) do you find most fascinating or compelling?

“I am very familiar with the American Civil War; I am a military history instructor for the AR National Guard, as well as a docent at the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center in Little Rock, AR—an Arkansas African American history museum—where I teach about the Antebellum South, Civil War, and Reconstruction, as well as the effects that the Civil War continues to have on America today. I am also a member of the American Battlefield Trust (Formerly the Civil War Trust), a battlefield preservation organization, where I attend its annual Teacher Institute and occasionally present material.

The aspects that I find most fascinating about the Civil War are:

1. The events leading up to the War (e.g., Kansas-Nebraska Act; the Dred Scott decision; John Brown’s Raid; etc.).

2. The growth of Abraham Lincoln’s leadership and decision-making skills throughout the War.

3. The eagerness of African Americans to join the Union Army and fight for the abolition of slavery.

4. The technological advancements in Civil War weaponry (e.g., ironclad ships; submarines; rifles; hot air balloons; etc.).”

How will this experience benefit you personally? Your fellow educators?

“As a military history instructor and museum docent, this experience will allow me to share the knowledge of the Civil War that I have with others, as well as gain knowledge from other educators from around the nation. This will benefit me personally by allowing me to acquire different perspectives of the Civil War that I may not have considered, and incorporate that into my curriculum, which in turn will allow me to broaden the knowledge of my students. The history of the Civil War is important to me, and being part of a national team that helps the American Civil War Museum create new ways to present this history is an honor to me.”