Mission in Action Teacher Advisory Council

National Teacher Advisory Council Member (Week 8): Sara Owens

Sara Owens

Greenfield central Junior High, 7th Grade
Years as an Educator: 9


Sara Owens is a graduate of Ball State University with fine arts degrees in both public history and secondary education. She is a two-time MAC Grant Award recipient and a recipient of the Henry County Retired Teachers Creativity Grant.

She is the third great-granddaughter of George Washington Starkey, who fought during the Civil War in the Illinois Infantry.

How will this experience benefit you personally? Your fellow educators?

“I first learned about the American Civil War Museum through social media and trying to connect with fellow educators. Having been part of the teacher advisory council for the past 5 years, I can say that it has benefitted myself and my students greatly. I’ve enjoyed using the resources that the museum provides in my classroom, along with collaborating with fellow educators and historians.”

How familiar are you with the Civil War? What aspect(s) do you find most fascinating or compelling?

“Having taught history for almost a decade now, I feel confident in saying that I am very familiar with the Civil War. There is always something new to learn and I do enjoy growing my knowledge on this topic through independent study or collaboration with fellow historians. A few of the aspects during this time period that I find most compelling are: the First Battle of Bull Run/Battle of First Manassas, the assassination plots, and the technology used during this great war.”