Teacher Advisory Council

Virginia Teacher Advisory Council Member (Week 9): Clay Hudson

Clay Hudson

Deep Run High School
9th-12th grade
Social Studies Department Chair
Years as an Educator: 10


How will this experience benefit you personally? Your fellow educators?

‘I am excited, both personally and as someone in a position to share the information with colleagues, by the opportunity to gain insight into the preparation of museum exhibits and resources. Having only experienced exhibits from the visitor perspective, my understanding is limited to receiving the history presented, but already after our first couple meetings, I feel more knowledgeable about the thought process that goes into curating, presenting, and preserving a museum’s collections. The discussion surrounding how best to present history is especially relevant here in the Old Dominion so I am thankful to gain as much experience from as many angles as possible.’

How familiar are you with the American Civil War? What aspect(s) do you find most fascinating or compelling?

‘Familiar enough to enter any conversation confident in my ability to keep up. I have taught some level of US and Virginia History each year of my teaching career, so I have spent a lot of time considering all the possible moments, developments, and points of curiosity to promote as much understanding and engagement as possible. I always prefer to dive into the human aspects of history. Military history has never been at the top of my priorities as a learner or teacher. Therefore, I am much more likely to research and teach about the effects of the war on the people fighting and enduring it rather than the strategies and tactics employed in administering it. I always hope to use history as a way to strengthen bonds between people within my community.’