Mission in Action Teacher Advisory Council

Virginia Teacher Advisory Council Member (Week 5): John Barker

John Barker

Bellwood Elementary
4th grade
Years as an Educator: 7

How familiar are you with the American Civil War? What aspect(s) do you find most fascinating or compelling?

“I grew up in Virginia and spent time with my family visiting the battlefields in the Fredericksburg area. I loved walking along the sunken road and trying to line up the exact spot where historic photographs were taken. The playground of the school I work at now was used as a campground for soldiers during the war. Living and working in a place where important historical events took place helps make history come alive.”

In what ways is the American Civil War relevant to you and your students today?

“The American Civil War is relevant to myself and my students because it shows the importance of freedom for all people, and what will happen when peoples rights and freedoms are denied. It is my role as an educator to ensure that students are aware of not only our countries successes, but also its failures, in order to make a brighter future for all people.”