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The Battle of First Manassas: The Artifacts Tell the Story

On July, 21, 1861, Union and Confederate armies fought what was then the largest battle in American history at Manassas, Va. Participants saved or collected souvenirs and relics of the battle and many of those items found their way into the collections of The Museum of the Confederacy. This video uses those artifacts, including one very unique map drawn on a bedsheet by a wounded soldier, to tell the story of the battle.

Blockade Runners in the American Civil War

The Union blockade of the Confederate states sought to cut them off from outside goods and supplies. In response, the Confederacy outfitted special ships designed to slip through the blockade. This video examines these blockade runners and profiles one particularly successful Captain, John Wilkinson. Artifacts featured in this edition include photographs, paintings, and John Wilkinson's writing desk.

Flag Conservation at the Museum of the Confederacy

In the early 1990s, the Museum of the Confederacy initiated a long-term flag conservation program to conserve, increase access, and allow further research of the most definitive collection of Confederate flags in existence. One of the most recent and successful projects of this program was the conservation of the Caroline Greys flag. Learn more about the amazing reconstruction of this flag, and about the process of conserving a flag in this video.

The Death of "Stonewall" Jackson

Even 150 years later, "Stonewall" Jackson's life, the circumstances of his death, and the question of how events might have been different had he not been shot at Chancellorsville remain subjects of fascination, study, and animated discussion. This video showcases dozens of artifacts, photographs and documents from the Museum's collection relating to Jackson's death and legacy

Richmond's Civil War Hospitals

The city of Richmond, Virginia was not only the capital of the Confederacy, it was also home to the largest concentration of hospitals anywhere in the South during the American Civil War. The Museum of the Confederacy's collections contain many documents and artifacts relating to those medical facilities.

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