From Ironclad to Cardboard: The Model of the CSS Richmond Part One - History and Research

This segment is the first in a series about the making of a model of the CSS Richmond, an ironclad that served in the James River during the war. The history of the CSS Richmond is discussed and expert model-maker Ozzie Raines offers his insights on the difficulty of researching this ironclad ship. Look back for more of this series including troubleshooting, unique materials, and Ozzie's creative touches on board.

Turner Ashby: Life, Death, and Memorialization

Museum staff members examine Confederate Brigadier General Turner Ashby, his life and service, his death outside of Harrisonburg, VA, and his subsequent memorialization. Artifacts featured in this vodcast include postmortem photographs, the flag of the 7th Virginia Cavalry, Company A, "Mountain Rangers," Ashby's personal effects, items made from relics pulled from Ashby's horse, Gallant Gray, and various mourning item

Lee Takes Command and Johnston Loses Command

Robert E. Lee took command of the Army of Northern Virginia on June 1, 1862 after the Battle of Seven Pines. The day that Lee took command was the day that Joseph E. Johnston lost command of the Confederacy's most prominent army. It was the most important of the many intersections in the parallel lives and careers of these two men. Artifacts highlighted in this video include a letter from Jefferson Davis detailing Johnston's wounding and Lee's elevation to command, Joseph Johnston's sword, and many photographs, sketches, and portraits from the Museum's collection.

From Ironclad to Cardboard: The Model of the CSS Richmond Part Two - Building the Model

Model shipbuilder Ozzie Raines details the building of the model of the CSS Richmond. A unique "cutaway" model, the Richmond shows below deck views of the interior of the ship, the engine room, and features a moving vertical steam engine. Raines explains his use of specific materials and the troubleshooting process when building a model without plans. 

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