For the Classroom

What did ordinary people do to support a cause in the war? Some farmed food for soldiers or worked in factories and munitions labs. Some became spies. So who did the spying, where, and why? Join Joseph and our special guest, Nathan Hall with the National Park Service, as they unravel the mystery of Richmond’s Civil War Spies.

After the first major battles of the War begin to change the landscape of Virginia, the city of Richmond becomes a city of hospitals. Where were these hospitals and who are the people that cared for the sick? Join us and our partners at the National Park Service as we explore Richmond’s Hospitals.

Despite the terrible challenges facing field surgeons and nurses, there were impressive advancements in military medicine during the War. Join Joseph and Kelly as they delve into some of these advancements as well as the reasons behind the striking death toll.

This program invites students investigate reproduction artifacts relating to actual and diverse people who lived during the Civil War and to explore their lives through their possessions. Discover a variety of true stories from the Civil War from a different point of view.

Guided Tours

A wide shot of a room in the Southern Ambitions Exhibit.

Join Joseph and our Curator of Exhibitions, Chris Graham, and they go through our Southern Ambitions exhibit. They’ll explore the Confederate States’ aspiration to become global players on their own terms and how other nations responded.

The city of Richmond, VA was once the bustling center of industry, trade, and the sale of human beings. It also became one of the places for Black resistance to slavery in the American South. Uncover the history of slavery in the city with Ana Edwards and Joseph Rogers as they discuss Richmond’s past and what emancipation meant for its future.

Join Joseph and Dr. Chris Graham as they explore the story of how the United States’ decision on how to pay off the Civil War transformed the relationship between government, the economy, banks, and citizens.

The White House of the Confederacy was home to Jefferson Davis and his family during the Civil War. But it was a place where many others lived and worked. Join Joseph and Ana as they explore the lived experience of both the enslaved and free staff at the mansion on Clay Street.

Join Joseph and Morgan as they tour the grounds of what was once the Tredegar Ironworks and explore the power behind its history.