Educator resources exploring the impact of battles during the American Civil War

Paper wrapped charge with hand-written ink inscription: “Carried onto the field at the battle of Bull Run, July 21, 1861.”

This lesson includes images of items picked up from the field after the battle of First Manasses/Bull Run. Images include a cartridge, a homemade uniform jacket, a toothbrush a watch chain, a map, and several pipes. The lesson includes an artifact cataloging chart.

Scan of a diary entry from the Battle of Bull Run

Uses the diaries of two soldiers to examine the experiences of soldiers during this first battle.

A piece of paper with a cyphered message accompanied by a small glass bottle

Examines the toll the siege of Vicksburg took on civilians.

This is a colorized historic photo of a United States Colored Troop Soldier

Examines the role and experiences of the USCTs.

Examine the motives of the U.S.-Dakota War through the writings of a Dakota leader and the citizens of New Ulm, Minnesota.

Examines the Battle of Gettysburg through the eyes of a Confederate soldier Edward Estes. Examines the role and experiences of the USCTs.

People studying historical artifacts.

This website uses the published work of Amanda Akin to paint a picture of life for a nurse during the Civil War. The two links represent two interactive units based around Akin’s book, as well as other primary sources.
via Smithsonian National Museum of American History